From bed to class/work in 5-min?

The reality of these big changes made the society separated into different points of opinions

How society is dealing with this kind of new system that turns to be a must in most countries and what people think about it?

No more stress and wasting time on Transportation!

Some people find working or studying from home is less stressful and can save more time.

Their point of view is why they go to the office and stress themselves out around colleges about how they look and communicate the whole time with someone in their offices and some of them think that less communication with colleges can save a lot of energy and misunderstandings, plus the waste of time the people spend every day on transportation around hundreds of people doing the same every morning to get to their jobs, is pointless.

Why can’t we just stay home wake up have our coffee, listen to morning music can give us positive vibes to start our day with a smile instead of wake up and think what to wear, go outside and start the day in crowded places trying to get to your job after the energy and the negative vibes you can effect by someone having a bad day and start to fight with you and give you tips how you should drive your car or where you should sit in the Public Transportation.
plus a lot of people are living with their families or partners, the option of working or taking a class from home is much better for them, they have a chance to have little chat with their families or partners in their breaks which are also could affect their productivity in a positive way.

I need to be in the office/school around my colleges/friends, which gives me the motivation to be more productive.

That what people say in the other point of view, these type of people needs to be around other people while they do their job or studying.

The idea of this that they will not feel tired or bored as when they work from home on their own, been around colleges/friends motivates them to be more productive and successful in their jobs/school.

To wake up and have your coffee from the coffeeshope in your neighborhood is something nice to start your day with, no?

Not all of us live in big cities or need to take transportation to get to our jobs/school, that could be a good thing for people who like to ride a bike in the morning, body movements and sport could also affect our productivity in our day.

But anyway, we are all forced to work/study from home at one point and many of us get worried about their productivity, in addition to a large number of us who have lost their jobs due to their inability to be productive at home. that was a second disaster.

What is the impact of working or studying from home on the psychological and physical side?

As we know our psychological and physical could affect pretty much our productivity,

Unfortunately, most of us have experienced a bad psychological or physical situation at one point during the corona pandemic.

Staying home, not meeting friends or family, not travel or make holidays for almost two years has been tough on most people, and that was the reason for not being productive.

But hey, look at the bright side, we as a society made it, we took care of each other, we did respect the rules and worked together from our homes to get over a hard time on this planet and we still.

It’s not fun but helpful!

So definitely not fun to stay home the whole time ( Gamers will disagree ) and manage your life from your living room or your home office and the farthest journey was walking or 10 min by car to the supermarket.

But how many people we all helped to keep them safe?

Old people, young people, children.

In the end, we did what we had to do for a better society.

what do you think about working/studying from home on Zoom?

Share your opinion.



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